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Pierre Pesnel 2021

Pierre Pesnel

Founder & Managing Partner
27 years of experience in business strategy

QiDO Energy Development was founded in 2011 by Pierre Pesnel, to provide quality engineering and business strategy services to the energy industry.

Prior to creating QiDO, Pierre held during 18 years different management positions in the energy and agro-commodity industries. From 2005 to 2011 he led the international development of French wind turbine manufacturer Vergnet, a market leader in energy solutions for remote areas, where he conducted some major wind farms deals, including a 220m€ project in Ethiopia.

He started his career as an economist in the Bank of Central African States in Cameroon, after graduating from Edhec business school in France (MSc in Finance and Master in Management).

QiDO’s main office is located in Lyon, France and cover the world to support our client’s efforts at every stage of their projects. QiDO performs a vast majority of its missions in association with other consultancy companies and independent experts, and has built over the years a large network of like-minded and equally dedicated consultants covering all fields of expertise.

We obtained in 2017 the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, for all our consulting activities.
This label brings to our clients not only an elaborated and secured document management system, but is also the guarantee of the global quality of our deliverables, our internal processes and our choice of partners. It testifies a sound risk management approach, for us and for our clients businesses.
For more information, please visit our page quality.

As we are always looking to expand that network and broaden our team with individuals or companies, we would be happy to receive your CV and list of references in consultant format (click here for an example) by e-mail.

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Why “QiDO”?

氣 道
QiDO arises where the Qi 氣 – the energy – and the Do 道 – the way –meet.
At QiDO Energy Development we deliver our expertise bringing the relevant energy needed to help our clients find their own way towards success.
The QiDO logo personifies a wise man, handling a walking stick, opening the way for the people who trust us.
It also represents the association of the human and the tool, and the necessity to invent them if they do not exist.

Vision | Mission | Values

Our vision is directed toward three pillars: Energy, Innovation and Empowerment.

Energy: essential for the development of people and communities, just like water, health and peace.

Innovation: technological progresses in the areas of energy and telecommunications are reshaping the energy paradigm that has been prevailing for more than a century. This enables more local new solutions, resilient and sustainable.

Empowerment: because through the fulfillment of its energy needs, man can choose the way of a reasoned and responsible development of its activities. Empowerment implies seeking autonomy by developing tools adapted to different life contexts, reaching appropriation of the same.

Our mission is threefold:

Provide high quality technical engineering and advisory services to the power sector of today, laying the groundwork for future innovations,

Support and accelerate the development of tomorrow’s power systems by combining financial investment and technical innovation in a win-win relationship,

Incubate and spinoff technologies and concepts for the implementation of innovative, reliable, and affordable power solutions widely accessible to the people.

Our core values are:

Excellence: Key driver of all business operations, it allows each and everyone to achieve their full potential.

Complementarity: of activities, skills, people. Through complementarity, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Human and Environmental Awareness: Supporting the development of tomorrow’s power systems and promoting the spread and appropriation of clean and affordable energy for everyone.

Empowerment: Stringency for autonomy and responsibility, driving mankind into a willful and sustainable development of its activities.

Innovation: As a source of progress, it is a key asset to create value. It is cultivated, encouraged and supported.

Resourcefulness: Give as much as possible, take as little as necessary. Use the resources wisely.