QiDO supports COP 21 and releases QiLOAD

A multi-billion dollars clean energy initiative has been unveiled in Paris during COP21 by Bill Gates, alongside Barack Obama, François Hollande and Narendra Modi.

Most of this money will target developing countries and their access to energy efforts, making the need for reliable off-grid and hybrid systems more urgent than ever.

We are honored to bring our share and support this initiative by introducing QiLOAD. It is a free, simple, and collaborative web application to create precise electrical load profiles for energy systems.

If you are modeling a hybrid system in a village in Africa, a mine in Chile or a resort in the Caribbean, this tool is made for you and you can now easily combine individual household appliances, houses, industries, machineries and more, and generate hourly load profiles over a 25 years timeline.

QiLOAD is an indispensable free tool for all of those working in access to energy, off-grid, distributed power applications around the world, and more generally for everyone designing and sizing energy systems.

QiLOAD has been jointly created by QiDO Energy Development, a Berlin-based consulting and project development company specialized in renewable energy systems, and SimplX, a Lyon-based company specializing in Energy Intelligence Web Apps, developing intuitive & user-friendly applications combining performance & simplicity.