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For more than 20 years, we strive to help our clients and employers to grow their businesses, improve their efficiency and deliver better products and services.

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Independent Engineering

Business Strategy

Throughout the lifecycle of your renewable energy project, we help you reach your strategic goals:

  • Secure your investments
  • Maximize your returns
  • Optimize your cash flows
  • Mitigate your risks
  • Engage your stakeholders

Whether you are in a start-up mode for a new business, or facing the need for realigning your existing business, we help you reach success in this critical phase:

  • Know your markets
  • Shape your strategy
  • Define your operating model
  • Design your organisation
  • Build Commitment

Selected projects:

France & World – Project Management

fdfdfdfFor a major worldwide hydropower equipment and services supplier, we are providing long term international Project Management services: Contract management, consortium management, EPC coordination between all involved stakeholders (engineering, supply chain, production, assembly, accounting…) for projects located in Southern Europe, Africa and Latin America.

France & World – Business strategy

Power TransformerFor a leading large size electrical equipment provider, we are providing long term business strategy services. This includes advisory services to redefine and adapt the business strategy of the company in a changing worldwide environment, performing global market study for the equipment and services divisions, developing a marketing and sales strategy, defining a new operating model and organization design, creating an implementation plan for the change management strategy and communication and management tools for building leadership commitment.

Europe – Asset management and business development

EuropeFor a mid-size Swiss electrical utility, we are providing long-term asset management and business development activities in 4 European countries.
That includes audit, optimization and development of the existing asset management tools and procedures set, optimization and M&A for the renewable energy portfolio in Europe.

USA – Strategy consulting

BostonFor an innovative MIT start up company in Boston developing an innovative concept of wind turbine, we provided consulting and advisory services in the fields of business strategy, hybrid system design, international business development in off grid market and access-to-energy for bottom of the pyramid, including cost analysis and preliminary system design and optimization.

Small Islands Developing States (SIDS) – Renewable energy policy evaluation

IslandsFor the International Renewable Energy Agency in Abu Dhabi, we are conducting the baseline assessment of the policy framework for renewable energy deployment for all Small Island Developping States in the Caribbean, African, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, South China and Pacific region. Assignment includes policy analysis for all islands and recommendation of improvement for massive renewable energy deployment.

Kenya – Wind & Solar – on-going

KenyaTogether with an international network of partners, we are currently developing and supporting the development of a pipeline of wind, solar and hybrid projects in Kenya: Securing land, conducting the pre feasibility studies, coordinating the feasibility studies and structuring the financing of the projects. Development is conducted within the framework of the FIT policy established by the Ministry of Energy.
Those projects represent viable investment opportunities for stakeholders looking for long-term partnership with an expert and hands-on player. Contact us for further information on the pipeline and investment opportunities.

Alaska – wind diesel system – 2010

Alaska 2009Coordinated and implemented the high penetration wind-diesel expansion on St. Paul Island, Alaska, while working for the owner & operator utility TDX Power. Implementation and operation of a ‘wind-only/diesel-off’ hybrid project that supplies electricity and heat. The heat storing devices are also used as ‘batteries’ on the system, supplying grid stability. Alaskan villages are heavily relying on diesel as a primary source of fuel for generating electricity. The state of Alaska as established though the Alaska Energy Authority a wind program aiming at disseminating renewable energy sources in the villages to ensure a sustainable supply of energy and a strong reduction in the generation cost.

Ethiopia – Wind – 2008/14

EthiopieFor this so far still major wind energy deal in Africa (220 M€), while working for a wind turbine manufacturer, coordinated the bid preparation for the EPC tender, negotiated the EPC and OM contracts with the national utility and structured the export credit with public and private lenders and ECA. Further assignment on this project included negotiation of major contract amendments. Ashegoda wind farm has been paving the way for future wind energy development in Ethiopia and the horn of Africa region, and since that time additional widn energy projects were installed in Adama. Wind energy development plan of Ethiopia is ambitious and considering attracting private sector investment to support the development oif this fast growing sector. The first IPP of Ethiopia has been signed in 2015 as a geothermal project by the US company Corbetti.

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