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BESS & Design review

As independent engineer for the local electric utility in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, we are performing a design review for a 600p kW solar PV + 525 kWh battery hybrid power plant.

India rooftop storage

India aims at deploying 40 GW of rooftop PV by 2022. GIZ, supports DSO in implementing PV Carport on rooftops, and provides assistance in business model design. For GIZ, we modeled different ownership and revenue models.

Wind for Food

For a European investor, we perform a full feasibility study for a 50 MW wind plant combined with a 1,000 ha agriculture project in Mozambique.

Wind PV Storage

For a private developer in Kenya, we perform feasibility study for a 20 MW hybrid wind, solar and storage power plant, including all pre-financial close studies, and supported negotiations with off-taker and financiers.

PV & BESS plant modeling

For the German cooperation agency, we performed technical and financial feasibility analysis of the opportunity to add a storage system (BESS) to a planned 15 MW grid connected PV plant in Mexico.

Mini-grid design

For the German technical cooperation agency, we perform feasibility study for 7 mini-grids in the county of Marsabit, Kenya, including load assessment, system design, system costing, financial modeling and evaluation of business models.

Quality certification

We obtained in 2017 the ISO 9001:2015 quality certification, for all our consulting activities.
This label brings to our clients not only an elaborated and secured document management system, but is also the guarantee of the global quality of our deliverables, our internal processes and our choice of partners. It testifies a sound risk management approach, for us and for our clients affairs.

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BESS procurement

For a private investor in Mexico, we performed bids analysis for the supply of a 10 MW / 5,5 MWh energy storage system + 45 MW PV plant connected to the grid. Review of the offer, evaluation matrix, bidder ranking & selection, support to contract negotiation and final design review.

Renewable music

When natural resources like Wind and Solar are deployed for the benefits of developing cultural resources, communities gain strength and independence.

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Load assessment

QiLOAD is a free and collaborative simulation tool that creates electrical load profiles by aggregating operating data from different appliances and facilities.

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We provide long-term Project Management services for a major European company supplying hydro turbines to EPC contractors around the world.

Power Transformers

For a global industrial player manufacturing large power transformers, we provided long term advisory services to define an international sales strategy (global market study, marketing coordination, business development, sales).

Portfolio development

Asset management of a 400 MW wind portfolio, existing assets optimization and new assets acquisition in 5 European countries.

Airborne Turbine

System design review, operation planning, financial modelling, cost calculations, pricing determination, business development in Europe, capacity building in finance, certification, testing and commissioning standards, bankability, and hybrid systems.

Small islands

Baseline assessment for renewable energy deployment for 22 SIDS in the Caribbean, African, Indian Ocean, Mediterranean, South China and Pacific region. Data collection, data analysis, recommendations on key areas of support for each partner.

Hybrid System

Renewable energy policy development and renewable energy fund management. Alaska-state-wide call-for-projects tender implementation and management.
Assessment of economic and technical viability of off-grid wind-diesel hybrid projects.

O&M supervision

Technical and commercial management of the O&M subsidiary of a 120 MW wind farm in Ethiopia (short term expert).

O&M organization

Due Diligence of O&M department organization of a 1,000 MW wind farm portfolio in 5 European countries. Modeling and sensitivity analysis of business growth scenarios.


For various project developers, we provided PPA negotiation services, and delivered PPA training to public and private stakeholders in different African countries.